Pump Overhauls and Repairs

Pump overhauls, end suction centrifugal, split case, column pump etc. Specialising in conversion from packing to mechanical seal to reduce product cost, energy cost and environmental problems. Suppliers of abrasion resistance coatings for pump volutes, impellers as well as valves and pipes.


Air Handling Units & Fans

Electrical motor replacements, on site bearing replacement to motors, main fan shafts, pulley and belt replacement and laser alignments.


Cooling Towers

We replace main fan shaft bearings and motors.


Ceramic Resurfacing

Fluid has experience in working with plant managers, architects and engineers to solve repair and protection problems. All this experience is available to you with just a phone call to Fluid. Your Fluid representative will help you select a material system that addresses your problem - both the usual issues you face and the more complex challenges that are unique to your facility/equipment. Whether you lack the staff resources to make the repairs or they aren't trained in particular application techniques, we will get the job done for you.


Our crews are trained in the correct preparation and application procedures to ensure the repairs we make to you mechanical/fluid flow equipment are done correctly.


Repairs to Fluid Flow Equipment Include;

  • Chillers
  • Pumps
  • Water Boxes
  • Valves
  • Tube Sheets
  • Impellers
  • Piping
  • Etc.


Laser Alignments and On Site Work a Specialty

We can supply new pumps or let us refurbish your existing pumps to manufacturer's specifications using the highest standards of workmanship. Your equipment will be as new. Refurbishment really makes sense.


Scheduled Maintenance 

Before Coating

After Coating