Mechanical Seal For Pump Melbourne

Here at Fluid Sealing we can supply, install, replace or refurbish mechanical seals for pumps and other equipment. We have single, double, and cartridge mounted mechanical seals available to suit different applications, minimising leakage and reducing energy costs in any application.


With both balanced and unbalanced mechanical seals available, you can be sure that the new or replacement parts selected will always provide the highest level of performance and efficiency for your machinery and equipment.


Our highly qualified and experienced team can refurbish all brands of mechanical seal, and where appropriate supply and/or apply the special abrasion and corrosion resistant coatings that will extend the life of your mechanical seals. Melbourne locals from a range of industries can call on us, whether they have an in-house maintenance team who require the assistance of fluid sealing experts for a one-off repair job, or whether you require a team who can perform ongoing checks and maintenance. 


Over the years the Fluid Sealing team have worked with commercial plumbers, facility/building managers, maintenance managers and engineers, HVAC account managers and technicians, and owners’ corporations across a variety of industries, including agricultural, hospitality, water treatment and energy industries, HVAC, education, construction, and defence.


All pump repairs are covered by a warranty for your own peace of mind and safety requirements.


We use the latest and most innovative technology for testing and maintenance work and can perform on-site repairs that minimise downtime. We always have a range of gland packing and gasketing supplies on hand to ensure that we get your equipment up and running again in a faster timeframe.