Electric Motor Repairs Melbourne

The team at Fluid Sealing provide the electric motor repairs Melbourne can rely on to keep their HVAC units operating with maximum efficiency. We can provide electrical motor replacements, and on-site pulley and belt replacement, bearing replacement to motors and main fan shafts. Our highly skilled team have over 75 years of combined industry experience and can dismantle, remove and replace worn parts within efficient timeframes to ensure you can get back to business as usual sooner.


If you have been unable to find a replacement motor for an older model of inline fan, then give our team a call. We understand that rewinding and repairing these older models is a considerable expense, and so we use our experience with all brands and types of fan units to modify them to fit standard modern motor sizes. In this way you are not up for the cost of a complete unit replacement, and any repairs that are needed in future will be easier and cheaper to perform.


We work with a range of industries who cannot afford downtime while units are replaced or repaired, and so you can rely on the dedicated Fluid Sealing team to commit to completing all new installations or repairs in the best timeframe, working around business hours or other operating concerns to ensure our valued customers can continue to run their business safely and effectively.


With the diagnostic equipment and replacement parts needed for a range of electric motor repairs, Melbourne business owners can count on our team to complete most jobs on-site, minimising costs and downtime for industries where ceasing operation for any length of time is not an option.