Cooling Tower Repairs Melbourne

Across industries, when they need cooling tower repairs, Melbourne locals can rely on the team at Fluid Sealing. We work primarily with HVAC systems for various industries; however, we can provide repairs and replacements for main shaft bearings and motors in most types of cooling tower.


Whether you have a small roof-top unit or a larger structure, our qualified team can provide regular maintenance or inspections, perform repairs or install replacement parts or new units. The Fluid Sealing team bring over 75 years of combined industry experience and a professional attitude to every job. We are meticulous in all our inspection work and committed to helping every one of our valued clients to find the solution that best suits their needs. In many cases, repairs and refurbishment can provide a more valuable alternative to replacement, while ongoing maintenance can prevent costly problems from occurring down the track.


When it comes to cooling tower repairs, Melbourne customers deserve a prompt solution. We understand that often it is not only the cost of a new unit or repair work that hurts businesses, but the downtime experienced when equipment vital to day-to-day operation is out of action. That is why we always have a range of high-quality replacement parts on hand to carry out all repair work in the most efficient manner possible.


Ensuring that your cooling tower is operating at it’s best because of regular servicing helps to save you in the long term, as operating and energy costs are minimised, and the life of your valuable equipment is extended.