About Fluid Sealing

Products & Services Offered

  • We have over 30 years combined experience in Pumping Equipment, Mechanical Seals, Gland Packing and Gasketing Materials.
  • We supply and overhaul all types and brands of pumping equipment.
  • We supply and install our own range of Balanced and Unbalanced Mechanical Seals to suit each specific application.
  • We also refurbish all brands of mechanical seals.
  • We supply and apply special abrasion and corrosion resistant coatings.
  • We cover and stand by our warranty on all pump repairs. Plus the fact by installing our own mechanical seals it eliminates the ongoing problem of the pump and the mechanical seal suppliers blaming each other for pump or seal failures.
  • We address weaknesses in pump performance and after discussions with the end users we can make the necessary changes to improve the pump reliability.
  • These changes are made to improve pump performance and mean time between failures.
  • Please Note: The main design and specifications are not changed.
  • We also have available the latest technology in Laser Alignment and Vibration Monitoring on all rotating equipment (ie pumps, motors, gearboxes, mixers and other machinery) that is mounted both horizontally or vertically.


Did You Know That

  • Misaligned equipment causes high vibration, bearing failure, shaft failure, coupling wear, overheating and energy loss.
  • Laser shaft alignment means adjustment of the relative position to the two coupled machines (ie a motor and pump) so that the centre line of the axis will be concentric when the machines or equipment is running.


We look forward to discussing your requirements and are available to come on site to check, test and monitor your equipment.



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