Welcome to Fluid Sealing

The focus of our company is to supply the highest quality products and find cost effective solutions to sealing and pumping problems to aid industry.


We are suppliers of high performance braided packing, mechanical seals, gasket material, pump supply and pump repair specialists. Fluid Sealing's main goal is to distinguish itself, as a company that offers superior pump and sealing products, which are engineered to meet the ever-changing needs of a wide variety of industries.


With over 30 years in the fluid sealing industry our staff have the knowledge and technical experience to help you find suitable solutions to your pump and sealing problems.


Competing in these markets with "Quality" as a goal and an unmatched level of service, Fluid Sealing offer the market a complete range of pump and sealing products for valves, pumps and flanges.


Products & Services

Pump Sales

We are suppliers for KSB Ajax, TKL, Grundfos, Ebara, Southern Cross, Regent, Malcolm Thompson, Lowara and ABS submersible pumps for mechanical and fire services, packaged pump stations and general industry.


Pump Overhauls and Repairs

Pump overhauls, end suction centrifugal, split case, column pump etc. Specialising in conversion from packing to mechanical seal to reduce product cost, energy cost and environmental problems. Suppliers of abrasion resistance coatings for pump volutes, impellers as well as valves and pipes.

Air Handling Units & Fans

Electrical motor replacements, on site bearing replacement to motors, main fan shafts, pulley and belt replacement and laser alignments.


Cooling Towers

We replace main fan shaft bearings and motors.


Mechanical Seals

Supply and servicing for all types and for many different applications. Available as single, double and cartridge mounted to minimize leakage, reducing down time and energy costs.


Gland Packing

For pumps and valves, supplied in 8 metre spools, die formed, spiral packs and leak free concepts. Packings available include everything from graphite, expanded graphite, PTFE, GFO, aramidic fibre to natural and synthetic fibres, as well as highly specialised products like Incobraid the result of extensive research and development and practical experience.



A range of materials including pure graphite, graphite blends, non asbestos and PTFE supplied in spiral wound, metalbond, pre cut gaskets and in sheet form to meet your requirements and applications.


Our efforts are aimed totally at providing products and services to ensure satisfaction of your needs. We look forward to discussing your requirements.